Eliminate spurious orbtrc files on WebSphere client when using HTTPS tunneling

When using WebSphere Application Client (J2EE, thin or pluggable) to access EJBs on WebSphere Application Server, an optional ORB trace file may be created. You can specify trace file location and name, but if you do not, default file name is orbtrc.timestamp.txt (e.g. orbtrc.10112009.1815.37.txt)
Of course, oftentimes you do not want any trace, and you certainly can turn tracing off. Well, with one exception. If you are using HTTP tunneling with SSL (HTTPS tunneling), trace file will be created automatically with the default name. This behavior has been known to affect several versions of WAS. I last confirmed it in WAS 6.1.
This may be annoying or inappropriate in some client environments. As a workaround, redirect trace output to null device by adding the following parameters to your client JVM command line:
for Windows
for Unix/Linux, use /dev/null.