Humans in advanced technological societies will be increasingly religious

Religiosity is heritable and thus must be underpinned by genes. What is religiosity and why would it be a valuable trait that is passed from parents to their children? Religiosity is, to a large degree, a wiliness to accept things on faith and to obey rules and commands. This trait becomes valuable in a complex society that surrounds people with incomprehensible dangers. A toddler can’t comprehend electricity, but accepting and obeying the rule of not messing with electric outlet improves her life expectancy. A little later, learning not to run into traffic becomes valuable. There are numerous dangers that humans must learn to recognize and avoid, acting purely on faith, without personally examining them. Arguably, the more complex a society’s technology, the more dangers are lurking everywhere – dangers that need to be avoided simply on someone’s say-so. Those who do that will have better chances of survival. Call them religious people – and we will see how a highly technological society could also be highly religious.


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