Spam Comments Storm

My blog has been inundated with increasing flow of spam comments. Given that I haven’t posted in many months, I haven’t received real comments in months either. But spam comments arrive daily at a significant count. Akismet, WordPress’ anti-spam engine, is not doing a good job filtering spam lately. It seems spammers found a key to Akismet, which was unable to adjust to newer tactics. Modern day spam is plain text, typically complimentary or containing a technical question. There is no links in the text, but commenter’s signature does contain a spam link. The spam text is in no way related to specific content of the post. The comments are obviously generated automatically and then carpet-bombed to all blogs the spammer could find.
Judging by results, I have to conclude that captcha system is being increasingly defeated, probably by clever social engineering. If captcha protection breaks down, we’re in for quite a rude awakening.
Unfortunately, the spam situation makes me less inclined to continue blogging, as policing comments becomes quite a chore. If you make a legitimate comment, please realize that it will not post immediately, because all comments are pre-moderated to avoid spam.


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