Wishing for DataPower

What is the best way to appreciate the value of DataPower network appliances? Working on a SOA integration project where one is not available.
I’ve had an integration project recently: service-enablement of mainframe using WebSphere ESB. Services to be exposed using SOAP/HTTP(S) and WebSphere MQ. Other software we used: WSRR for governance and ITCAM for monitoring. What we did not use: DataPower. Our requirements included securing services in a situation where access must be provided to a diverse base of service consumers, both internal and external.
How DataPower appliance would’ve been handy! It is extremely fast XML appliance especially well prepared to deal with diverse security requirements.

2 Responses to Wishing for DataPower

  1. Ivan:
    As the CTO of Layer 7 Technologies, I would advise you to consider using one of our SecureSpan Gateways. Unlike DataPower, the entire SecureSpan lines is offered in multiple form factors: from accelerated hardware to virtual appliances you can run anywhere (I run it on my Macbook all of the time). You’ll find SecureSpan very feature-rich and easy to use.

    Good luck with your latest project.

    Scott Morrison
    CTO, Layer 7 Technologies

    • ivansmirnov says:

      DataPower being offered only as a hardware device has certain advantages, specifically tighter security. But I agree that it is not always the best. It definitely limits your development options – quite a big limitation, actually. And I bet that virtualized device makes your sales effort that much easier – you can not really lug around a DataPower device from customer to customer on sales calls/demos.

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