WID tips: Use Unicode in SAP Connection

Here’s another error scenario in integration development using WID.
Problem: You set up your WebSphere ESB, Process Server or WID Test Environment to communicate with SAP using WebSphere adapter for SAP software. You prepare connection on SAP side, enter all connectivity parameters, but when you actually attempt to send or receive data, connection fails. You receive an interesting error message referring to a server function, but function name appears to be garbage:
JCO.Server could not find server function '剆䍟偉乇'
Solution: You forgot to configure SAP connection to use Unicode. This is how your connection is configured (WRONG):



Just change connection type to Unicode (RIGHT):



JCO library underpinning the adapter requires use of Unicode connection.

If you want to learn more about using SAP adapter, this developerWorks article is very hepful.


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  1. Paul Ryan says:

    Absolutely brilliant !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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